Geisha Gold Panama Coffee

geisha gold Panama.
geisha gold Panama

Geisha Gold Panama Coffee


Variedad: Panama Geisha
Tipo: Arabico
Proceso: Natural
Peso: 200 g
Tueste: Medio
Origen: Volcan, Panamá                      Altitud: 1700 msnm



The Mission to Preserve Quality

We started planting our trees in September 2016 in our farm and we are still planting in the lower areas of the farm. The trees seem to adapt perfectly to the environment and our care. Although early in the steps, we have outlined a system of traceability that draws from both artisan experience and cutting edge technology… Our objetive being to preserve the qualities of flavour of our coffee.

When we started this project, we sought to bring our customers one of the most outstanding coffees. That’s why we decided to produce coffee of the Geisha (or Gesha) varietal.

Geisha coffee came first to Panama around 1960 from Costa Rica mainly because of its high resistance to leaf rust. For decades, Geisha was disfavoured, as the varietal was regarded as having “bad taste” and for its low yields. It was not until the late 90’s when some farmers planted the coffee at a proper altitude when this jewel started showing its potential earning prize after prize.

Beyond the current hype over Geisha, we believe there are long-term opportunities in a varietal with such a unique flavour profile and the levels of quality achieved by farms that put adequate care on the bean.

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Grano, Molido

3 valoraciones en Geisha Gold Panama Coffee

  1. 5 de 5

    Viaquiru Tovar

    Excelente café, rico aroma y sabor exquisito con notas florales.

  2. 5 de 5


    Great coffee, roasted to our wishes. Well protected in shipping to Canada. This was our second shipment and we continue to love it.

  3. 5 de 5


    I visited Panama and tried this coffee. It was the BEST coffee I’ve ever tried. Upon returning to the states, I purchased 10 packets more and the company was able to provide prompt shipping and great service

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